Camel Trekking tours Merzouga

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Camel trekking Tours Merzouga

Visiting the Erg Chebbi without camel trek is an incomplete journey. Camels or dromedaries as some might refer to them are animals living exclusively in the desert, often used by locals for different purposes like herding, transporting luggage and are source of food as well. The splendor in riding camels lies in the reality that they were the ultimate transportation device for caravans anciently. It will thus get you back to old times regarding traveling long distances amid the broad desert. In most cases, you do the camel trekking from your hostel to our camp. The trip lasts 2 to three hours around the dunes until arriving Azawad bivouac. But this is when we have affiliation with your host hostel. Otherwise, you may request a camel trek service from the bivouac, consulting about the desired duration of your journey as well as meals if you prefer to do picnic away from the camp. However, we recommend contacting us in advance so as we can manage to book camels and arrange logistics for your comfort and joy.