Luxury Desert Camp

Experience the beauty and authenticity of Erg Chebbi dunes!

Morocco Luxury Desert camp

Travelers worldwide often choose accommodation in different forms and categories, including hotels, inns, and hostels in downtowns, parks or resorts. Yet trying to combine luxury, magnificence and authenticity in the middle of the desert’s sand dunes is definitely an imagination, and here we have managed to make it true! Azawad luxury Desert Camp is a new fashioned accommodation mixing modernity and authenticity regarding your accommodation in the desert of Merzouga, South-eastern Morocco. Merzouga’s perfect location amid the sand dunes of Erg Chebbi makes it a must-see destination, and a lovely place to enjoy outright silence away from today’s contemporary aspect of life. The sand dunes of Erg Chebbi are the immense dunes in North Africa, reaching an altitude of 150 meters and spans 50 kms across the area. The destination attracts millions of visitors annually, due to the breath-taking views it entails, such as sunset spectacles and a variety of activities to do like sand-boarding, quad bikes excursions and diverse sight-seeing opportunities. Azawad Luxury Desert Camp is situated in the heart of Erg Chebbi sand dunes a couple of miles from the village of Merzouga. The accommodation offers different categories of rooms in the shape of nomadic tents, decorated with the finest Berber art crafted materials and furnished with bright modern equipments of mattresses and lighting to let you experience the contrast in and outside the tents. A dining tent-hall is also available as well as Bathrooms in the camp. Give it a try and let yourself immerse into tranquility, authenticity and luxury!